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Will never come 


Or later than you thought or wanted 



Is something else – 

Someone you hope to be 


Come down 

From cloud and star 


Or distant planet you inhabit 



Already came 

To the earth when you were born 


Why believe all that you have heard about it? 

All the lies that this is just the way the world is? 

Someday comes morning after morning, stranger at the door 

Will you answer you?

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May Rav is a singer who emotes deeply from her soul to yours. Her singing is rare in its warmth and intimacy, beckoning flesh and spirit.

Her songs range from inner chamber lilt to mountain top protest – a progressive, romantic outcry sung with an unwavering hope for humanity.

She is based in New York and performs Worldwide.

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Singer ✮ Romantic Protest Vocal Artist ✮ Healing through vocal frequencies ✮ Performing Worldwide

HOME PORT Vocal Trio


The song "SOMEDAY" is included in the new, electrifying album by HOME PORT vocal trio "Home Port 3" which will be released on August 13th, 2021. More about HOME PORT here